Valley now 60% off on Steam!

Valley by Blue Isle Studios is now 60% off on Steam.

Graceful Explosion Machine Soundtrack Coming April 13th

With Graceful Explosion Machine coming out last week on Switch - it's time to preorder the excellent soundtrack from Robby Duguay.

You can pick up the soundtrack for 7 dollars (US), with preordering getting you 3 tracks early. For 21 dollars (US) you get all 10 of Robby Duguay's releases. You can check out the details here, while also watching the video below on my thoughts on Graceful Explosion Machine.

Sago Mini Releasing 'Sago Mini Town' Later This Month

They teased a surprise for us, and delivered what looks to be a kids first step into the gaming world of SimCity. Developer Sago Mini announced Sago Mini Town, which is pegged as the developers "most inventive app yet" will release on April 13th:

"Calling all city builders and storytellers! Build your own island town by swapping, dropping, placing and playing with dozens of animated story tiles – including roads, houses, shops and visits from your favourite Sago Mini friends. Try to find the volcano, the pizza shop, or the mayor! There's no limit to what your imagination can create."

Sago even mentioned some of their Toronto roots seeping into the new app.

Get A First Look At Fossil Hunters From Reptoid Games

Indie developer Reptoid Games released a first-look video of their upcoming game Fossil Hunters, which actually won Ubisoft's Indie Series funding earlier this year.

Fossil Hunters is an action-adventure game in which you dig deep into a mysterious underground world to uncover fossils and match them together in countless combinations. Uncover never before seen creatures and survive this exciting realm as new friends and rivals compete to get hold of your discoveries. Will you sell your fossils for cash? Or will you donate them to research, push the boundaries of scientific discovery and become the world’s greatest Fossil Hunter?

No release date yet for Fossil Hunters, but you can keep up to date on the game by following them on FaceBook and Twitter.



Graceful Explosion Machine Out Now On Nintendo Switch

As previously announced, Graceful Explosion Machine is out now on Nintendo Switch. The Vertex Pop shooter was previously announced last year, and then later confirmed for a Switch launch window release later. You can pick it up on your Switch right now for $13.99 CAD.

We'll have a full review for the game sometime in the next week, but until then you can check out my general thoughts below (it's really good):