Yuuuuge Runbow Sale Going On Right Now

Our friends over at 13AM Games have announced a huge sale for Runbow. You can pick up the 9 player party platformer on Wii U, Steam, and Humble Bundle for 50% off.

We don't know what's next for 13AM Games, but the sale goes until April 5th. If you're looking to Switch* up your wardrobe a little, you can see similar savings on their official store.

*That's me being funny.

GRIP available on Steam

GRIP is available on Steam, and it looks like a pretty sweet racing game.  All the vehicles in GRIP have armour and weapons, and it looks really intense.  The creators at Caged Element are planning a console version this year (which I will be all over as soon as it's available).  Check out the screenshots and trailer below.

Let's Talk Float - Indie Game from GalacticThumb

Hey everyone, I downloaded Float on iOS and wanted to share some quick thoughts.  Don't forget to subscribe to TorontoGameDevs on YouTube.

Let's Play: Horizon Zero Dawn

We're going to get back to Toronto developed games - I promise. In the mean time though, check Chris and I playing Horizon: Zero Dawn!