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August Torontaru - The Get Well

The monthly outing Torontaru is this Wednesday at the usual place, The Get Well.

"WHAT IS TORONTARU? Torontaru is a monthly meet-up with the simple aspirations of providing a place for friendly, game-inclined ladies and gents (whether you make 'em or you like 'em!) to chat and have a pint. No-fuss funtimes. Torontaru's not just for regulars, either! If it's your first time and don't know where to start, look for the oversized Octopus buttons (worn by co-founders and trusted peers) and come introduce yourself! We'd love to meet you."

Make sure to check out the groups FaceBook page for all the details.

The Get Well

1181 Dundas St. W,

Toronto, Ontario M6J 1X4