Bonus Patreon Video - Overwatch PVE

For our Patreon's, we played some Overwatch - now available to everyone.

Video Game News Time Daily - April 25th 2017

Another day, another new video. Here you go!

Check Out 'A Fold Apart' From Lightning Rod Games Footage

Toronto developed Lighting Rod Games took to their FaceBook page to showcase the first little bit of A Fold Apart, or at least some experiments with the gameplay elements.  

A Fold Apart tells the story of a long distance relationship, using a folding paper mechanic to solve puzzles. You can check out the video below:

Make sure to check out their FaceBook page, and follow them on Twitter. They also do a lot of great work at the GameDev Cafe interviewing developers about developing games.

Video Games News Time Daily - April 24th 2017

Trying out something new for our YouTube page - quick news! 3-4 times a week I'll do short 1-2 minute videos on something going on in Toronto, and elsewhere. This week we talk a bit about N++ and Overwatch. Remember to subscribe!

Graceful Explosion Machine And Nintendo Switch Review

We give a (very quick) review of Graceful Explosion Machine as well as our thoughts on the Nintendo Switch roughly 7 weeks in since launch. Remember to subscribe!