Ballistic Tanks Releases on Steam

Indie developer Kirk Lucas sent me a message on Twitter letting me know that his action tank game, Ballistic Tanks has released on Steam.  The game contains over 50 maps, and 4 player local multiplayer:

Ballistic Tanks is the best tank game you've played since the 80's. It is an intense arcade shooter where you destroy tanks in a frenzy of bullets, lasers, and explosions! Play a challenging solo/co-op arcade mode or compete with up to 4 friends in a variety of multiplayer game modes.

You can pick up the game right now Steam for $5.49, and follow Kirk on Twitter.

Ubisoft And National Bank Announce Indie Series

The other night, Ubisoft Toronto had an Open House to celebrate its 30th anniversary as a studio (Ubisoft Toronto itself is 6 years old).  In celebration, they announced the Indie Series. An annual competition that can net Indie developers $50,000, and mentorship from Ubisoft. 

Ubisoft opened its first Canadian studio in 1997 and its first studio in Ontario, Ubisoft Toronto, in 2010. The company takes an active role to develop a passionate and creative ecosystem in Ontario where studios, small and large, collaborate to make the Canadian game development industry shine on internationally. Making games is difficult and presents many challenges: financially, creatively, and more. This is precisely why we want to connect with our colleagues, share knowledge and expertise, and together, ensure Canada continues to grow as a game development leader worldwide.

You can check out the full details on the main website, however there are some restrictions, such as being a studio between 2-50 people, and have received funding before.

ROM and Pop Machine Creative's Game Astro-Miners Out Now On PC

Astro-Miners, the game created by Pop Machine Creative Games in partnership with the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum), is officially out and can be bought right here for $4.99.

Astro­Miners is a kid­ friendly video game that puts players in the role of an Astro­Miner in the not ­so­ distant future. In this 2D sandbox adventure, the Earth is running out of raw materials and humans have begun mining asteroids for their rich resources. As the Astro­Miner, players navigate the inside of three different types of asteroids in order to collect valuable resources, while also learning about rocks, minerals, and space exploration.

You can check out the full press release here, as well as an article over at BrutalGamer, and follow the game/team on Twitter.

Join The Extra Life Team

For the past two years I've been participating in the Extra Life, which is an annual event where gamers around the world play games for 24 hours, raising money for hospitals. Usually people stream, and do social media for the event as well.

If you're interested, the event takes place November 5th (although you can do it any day that works for you), and you can join Team!  Personally I'll be playing a bunch of Toronto developed games, but I'll post the full list closer to the date.

I'll be posting about this more, but I'll be streaming it on Youtube and/or Twitch, and tweeting along as well. You can also donate here.