Patreon - Galal Hassan Interview

Patreons get interviews early, and the most recent one is with Galal Hassan who spoke about his time developing ARia's Legacy, his time as a game developer, and his experience at E3 and more.

Check it out here!

Reptoid Games Releasing Fossil Hunters On Switch This Month

Fossil Hunters is already out on PC, and we knows it's coming to consoles, but now we have a release date for the Nintendo Switch version, and it's sooner than later..

Switch owners will get a crack at the coop digging puzzle game on June 28th and will release for $16.99 USD. You can check out some screenshots of the Switch version below.

56 Game Studios Release System Siege In Early Access

System Siege, the turn-based strategy game from Waterloo based 56 Gaem Studios hit Early Access on Steam last week. You can get the game here, which looks like a little love letter to Advanced Wars.

Negotiations have failed. We tried to destroy the technology we'd spent so long building. Now is the time for action. The ultimate battle for survival rages on between humans and androids. Use your strategies to dominate and destroy in System Siege. Who will be left when the smoke clears, commander? 

System Siege is a top-down turn-based strategy game set in the distant future. An homage to the classics, System Siege showcases a diverse range of units and commanders to choose from - know their strengths and dominate. 

According to the Steam page, the game will be up for Early Access for 10 months to gather feedback, while also adding different difficulties, a full singleplayer, and a map editor.

E3: ARia's Legacy Trailer Released

We spoke about Pixel Crushers ARia's Legacy just before the show, and now we have the official trailer for the upcoming AR escape room game. You can check it out below.

Their Twitter page also had a bunch of footage of players playing so I recommend checking that out as well. If you're actually at E3 they are at booth 2454.