SkyPyre 'The Blobs Fight' Coming To Steam Next Month

If you didn't get a chance to play The Blobs Fight at EGLX, then never fear - as the arena party game from SkyPyre will be coming to Steam in June. There is even a Steam page that you can add to your wishlist

"The Blobs Fight is a silly, over-the-top arena party game about creatures of blob like nature, fighting each other to the blash! (Blob for death). Run around as a blob attacking other players to knock pieces (aka bits) of them off, collect those pieces to get bigger, be the largest or the last one standing, profit."

Toronto GameJam 2018 Games

Toronto GameJam was a few weeks ago, and friend of the site Tabby let me know that most of the games from the event are up on - you can check them out right here.

Make sure to also check out our Discord which has active chats about gamedev related things :)

Vacation Time - Guest Blogger

Hey everyone! Just a friendly reminder that I'll be on vacation fora week and won't be updating the website that much. However, good friend Sebastian Scaini (who you can follow on Twitter here) will be taking care of you with some updates.

See you in a week! Oh and remember to join the Discord and become a Patron :)

 I'm shaking with excitement - Sebastian Scaini

I'm shaking with excitement - Sebastian Scaini