News Byte! November 21st - Frolic Labs, Russian Subway Dogs, and Gunhead

Romance Game Longstory Coming To Steam December 7th

Longstory, the LGBTQ positive romance game that has been on mobile devices for a while will be making its way to Steam next month. Check out the Steam page and screenshots below - make sure to follow the game on Twitter as well.

"LongStory is a visual novel, dating sim about love, romance, relationships and mystery. The LGBTQ+ romance lets players choose their appearance and pronouns as well as who, or even if, they would like to date any of their 5 lovable friends. Honest and authentic, the game has a story for everyone."

Gunhead Announced - FPS Sequel To Cryptark

Talk about unexpected, despite announcing a game just a few weeks ago Alientrap is at it again, this time announcing Gunhead, a direct sequel to its rogue-like shooter Cryptark.  However Gunhead is a first-person shooter, where you'll still enter procedurally generated ships to neutralize them with the story taking place right after Cryptark. 

Gunhead will be out on Steam next year, so make sure to add the game to your Steam page. Cryptark also came out on PlayStation 4, so hopefully we'll see its sequel make the console jump as well. In the meantime, make sure to check out the developers on Twitter.

Russian Subway Dogs Announced For PS4 And Vita

The Vita lives! And obviously the PlayStation 4 is doing great, but the Vita lives. Spooky Squid Games is bringing Russian Subway Dogs to PlayStation 4, and Vita next year, alongside a release on Steam and

Russian Subway Dogs is a score attack game, featuring stray dogs of the Moscow Metro. You can check out some screenshots and the trailer below - last we heard they tried to get funded on Kickstarter, but sadly didn't make it.

Russian Subway Dogs is simple enough for a puppy to pick up but still packed with challenge. Run and jump along the subway platform. Bark behind people to scare up food and bounce vodka around the stage. Soon you’ll be discovering high level strategies like cooking and eating rival wildlife with vodka explosions!

The game will be playable at next month's PlayStation Experience, just like Guacamelee 2, and Riverbond, and we should see it in 2018.

Voxel Dungeon Crawler Riverbond Coming To PlayStation 4

Announced last year, Riverbond was originally announced for "PC and consoles", and now we know at least one console. The voxel couch co-op dungeon crawler will be coming to PlayStation 4 next year, and is playable at PlayStation experience next month.