Interactive Digital Media Producer

Job posting for an Interactive Digital Media Producer with Fathrom - details below:

Fathom is looking for an Interactive Digital Media Producer with gaming experience. We are looking for an innovative thinker to lead and help create projects through cross-media, multi-platform strategies.

We think you would be a good fit with us if you:

  • are enthusiastic about exploring ideas and concepts for a variety of projects (VR/AR projects, apps, games)
  • are a rock star at creative thought and leading a team
  • have edgy, artistic vision
  • have experience putting together funding proposals including: writing text, running a team to draw up the wireframes, the design frames, etc. needed for a winning proposal
  • are in tune with gaming, new media and technology trends
  • have a demonstrated understanding of development, working directly with motion graphics artists, developers, writers, etc.
  • have experience managing production processes on time and on budget

Required qualifications:

  • BFA or a degree in a related field
  • ideally 2 years experience in leading teams and/or clients through the creative process from inception through final project delivery

If most of the above is true for you, then we want to hear from you. Please email with the following:

  • resume + reels/URL links
  • at least one reference; no more than three
  • a list of your experience with game design, and/or VR, and/or other interactive projects

Please do not send DMs, they will not be responded to.

About us:
FATHOM FILM GROUP is an award-winning media company with innovative
approaches to cross-platform projects that tell the story across a broad spectrum of
media. Our films and series are critical and thought-provoking, with related properties
such as VR games, interactive websites, apps and other digital and mobile applications.




Maya Facial Animator Job (Can be remote)

20 Below Games are looking for a Maya Facial Animator for a few weeks - if you're an animator in Ontario then feel free to email Tony Shiff -

"Maya animator with expertise in facial animation wanted for 1-2 week contract applying facial capture data to 3D model. Must have portfolio with facial animation. Work in Waterloo office or remote in Ontario is okay."

Again, you can send resumes to